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Who We Are


Ray & Wendy are passionate about animals and want to ensure a calm, caring and comfortable environment for you and your pets to enjoy while at Muddy Buddy Dog Wash.

Ray retired from the Navy after serving 20 years and had spent much time in the Hampton Roads area, after residing in multiple places, has returned to Virginia Beach. He is currently employed with a communications company and is working toward a second retirement when he can dedicate much more of his time to animal rescue and care.

Wendy is retired after working 33 years for a large communications company and is new to Virginia. We met while working together in Connecticut, married in 1997 and work has moved us to Philadelphia, Muskogee, OK, Houston and now to Virginia.

While living in Oklahoma, we were fortunate enough to become involved in a non-profit animal rescue organization which focused on a catch and release program for feral cats where they were spayed/neutered and released back to their environment as they were not cut out for domestication. If kittens were able to be rescued (prior to them becoming feral) they were adopted out and taken off the streets of Muskogee. This was all in an effort to cut down the booming cat population and enhance the lives of these wonderful creatures. The group expanded its focus to responding to the community for assistance with spay/neuter of cats & dogs when the owners were not able to afford to provide this benefit to their beloved pet. As word got out, the calls began for rescue requests for animals in need of care and protection - no matter what the need was, a litter of pups or kittens abandoned by the mother for some reason, or someone abandoning a pet on the side of the road - the organization responded and started fostering until a forever home could be found for them all.

During this time, we were blessed with the light of our lives - our six "fur-kids" who all needed a forever home and they adopted us!

Sabrina was our first - she was a little puff of fur that had somehow been separated from the litter and with the temperatures easily hitting above 100 degrees, she needed some TLC before the elements took over. She was so tiny that when she tried to eat or drink, her back paws came off the floor so we helped her along and very quickly she grew into a strong healthy member of our family. Poor Sabrina was all alone all day while we worked and missed her littermates and the comfort the company brought - so we adopted a 6-8 month old companion from the local shelter - Basail was added as the "adult supervision" for Sabrina.

Basail immediately accepted the role and he raised his little kitten teaching Sabrina everything she needed to know.



Just as the house quieted down, the rescue group received a call that someone had dumped four 5-6 week old female puppies on the side of the road out at the airport.  They were brought into the organization and unfortunately two of them were not able to be saved – there was no way of telling how long they were exposed to the elements and were without food or water.  One of the pups was immediately adopted out to a forever home and is thriving and “Amelia” had to see a vet for exposure and a gash on her head.  After taking her to the vet and nursing her back to health, we were not able to tear her away from her new family – Basail had taken on the responsibility immediately and guided our little pup into being a house pet so we renamed her Millie after Ray’s mother since she was one of four sisters and a survivor!!  Only real problem we encountered was that Basail (being a cat) taught Millie what he knew, so now we had a puppy who thought she was a cat, even laying on the back of the couch (which that skill had a learning curve, but after falling off a few times figured out she did not have the balance of a cat and straddled with paws hanging on both sides for stability) and to this day thinks she is a 7 lb. little lap pet and not the 70 lb. dog she really is!    



About a year later, while at work, a stray female cat decided to have her kittens in the construction yard. “Momma Cat” was just a juvenile herself but produced seven healthy little kittens.  After about six weeks of feeding and protecting the litter, Ray and a co-worker Linda were able to catch and adopt out six of them – then there was Austin.  He was the runt of the litter and while all the others would find a nice soft comfortable place to rest, Austin would always sleep on a pile of gravel – little tough guy!  So…….Austin came home for Basail to nurture as well and Momma Cat was taken in by Linda, was spayed and is living a pretty posh and happy life.

At about the same time, a call came in from another co-worker who thought that one of the kittens had gotten away and was up on the train trestle and was going to get hurt.  Ray and Linda rushed up the block and found another black kitten about the same age as Momma Cat’s litter that was in distress.  After being captured, she was taken immediately to the vet where a two inch fly larva was imbedded in her neck and was using this little kitten as a host.   By this predator hosting off her, all of her development was stopped, she had no muscle tone and was very weak.  The vet wasn’t sure he would be able to bring her back – there was a great chance of brain, lung, muscular and heart damage being irreversible – but he gave it a shot.  Apparently the mother cat gave up on her, but we didn’t.  After a lot of antibiotic and vitamin injections, little Miss Mae Ellen is a healthy (has a few developmental challenges) and happy member of our family. 

You would never know that Austin, Ellen & Sabrina are from three different litters - and you can always find them lounging in the sun - it's pretty good to be a cat!!  Bottom picture was taken in Muskogee when Millie had wiped her nose all over the storm door window until finally giving up on trying to get a moth flying around on the porch - so the cats took over watch!  From left to right - Ellen, Basail, Austin and Sabrina (who was starting to find it boring). 


 A couple months went by and everyone was growing, developing and having a real good time when the phone call came that Ray “found” a puppy out in the country that someone had dumped on the side of the road and she REALLY needed a good home and Millie needed a doggie sibling.   SO – off to the Vet Patty went to be checked out before joining our family and we discovered she was about 6 months old and in her first heat….YIPPIE!!  Because we already had one puppy named after a mother-in-law, it was only fair that this little red coated sweetie be named after the other – so Patty was a full blown member of the family.  As soon as her heat was complete, she was also spayed and fortunately she had not been impregnated while out on her own.  She has “grown” into her own special style and she never lets an opportunity to snack go by, must be a habit from when she had to fend for herself as a youngster.


                    Patty & Millie have even mastered the art of “synchronized napping”.


In 2010, our careers put us in the Houston, Texas area where we stayed for almost 2 years and then the announcement was made that our first grandchild was on her way……so plans were made for our last relocation to Virginia Beach. 

We are now permanent residents of the area and look forward to providing superior support for you and your pets for many years to come.   Come by to see us - you may even get a chance to meet Millie & Patty - what a wonderful benefit when you can bring your dogs to work with you!

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