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Our Equipment

Our equipment makes the difference!

The tubs are designed to enhance a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for you and your pets.  The Bath Master system provides consistent shampoo distribution with a pulsating water pressure enabling penetration through the coat to cleanse all the way to the skin removing bacteria, dry skin and loose fur creating a healthier coat along with a calming massaging experience.  We provide specific shampoos to provide all the benefits of good pet hygiene and maintenance.


Our tubs are constructed of durable, high-density polyethylene that is a full ½” thick, making it one of the strongest and most durable tubs.  The poly tubs do not have the sterile look of stainless steel (reminders of a vet office) with no metal noise from objects such as sprayer heads, hoses, doors, etc. that can spook dogs and irritate people.  The molecular makeup of the tubs resist scum/bacterial buildup making them easier to keep clean and maintain a cleaner environment for your pet. 

How Are Poly Tubs Different From Others?

  • Splash Walls: Higher than other tubs to better contain water and hair.
  • Mat: Good footing is extremely important! This 1/2" thick rubber mat attaches to tub floor to prevent sliding, yet is easily lifted for cleaning. Provides secure, comfortable footing for dogs to stand on.
    Mat also allows water and debris to run off so animal isn't standing in it, and provides easier to clean, safer surface (e.g., no holes for claws to get caught in).
    Space around mat contributes to good drainage and eliminates problem other tubs can have with hair being trapped between tub and grate.
  • Double Drains: Provides better drainage than other tubs. Drain holes are also recessed so that drains fit flush with floor of tub.
  • Restraint Bars: Bulges allow secure attachment to various points for better positioning of dogs. Large diameter makes releasing and moving restraint much easier
  • Ramp: Unlike other ramps, this one has 2" high sides. This not only makes it extremely strong, it also helps dogs feel more comfortable and secure navigating it, as their concern they might step off the edge is reduced.
    Ramp angle of incline is not steep. This is a major factor determining how readily dogs will use a ramp.
    Ramp is covered with rubber matting that is a full 3/8" thick for sure footing!
  • Door: Opening is uniquely shaped to allow easier entry and exit of dogs.
    Door is quiet, and seals well to keep water in -- probably believe better than any other tub door on the market.

We offer three different tub configurations:

Our standard tub has removable ramp and door to
close the tub for a convenient and
comfortable wash experience.

For the little precious pets, a higher height and smaller
tub makes your dog a bit more comfortable and secure.
 This tub is also useful for cats and other “alternative” pets.

If the standard tub is just not the perfect fit for your dog because of size, age, physical challenges that make use of a ramp uncomfortable – we offer a step in tub that is only 10” off the floor for easier access by the pet.  This design also provides open design for wheel chair access to any average to large size dog.  

Bath Master Bath System

Bathe dogs, cats, and even horses in a fraction of the time of hand bathing. The patented "Accu-Mixer" accurately mixes precise amount of shampoo and conditioner to efficiently get the job done!

  • Cuts bathing time in half and gets pets cleaner.
  • Accurately measures shampoo while enhansing the shampoo's ability to cut through oil and dirt.
  • Non-recirculating system assures fresh water and shampoo mixture only on the animal's coat - no dirty water reused. Accommodates up to 4 different shampoo/conditioner products! Select by simply turning dial.
  • Specially designed spray nozzle penetrates the coat with sudsy water down to the skin, providing good penetration and a soothing, massaging experience for pet.
  • Makes bathing pets easier and more enjoyable.


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